We were invited by Kunzt.no and Polestar cars to present our artwork at the Polestar showroom in Bergen. On this occasion we unveiled our latest collection of wool reliefs titled "Family portrait".

Wool relief typically refers to an art form or sculpture in which wool or woolen materials are used to create textured and three-dimensional designs. Wool relief art can take many forms, from small decorative pieces to larger, more intricate works. It offers a unique and tactile way to create art with the warmth and softness of wool. Our goal is to promote the term "wool relief" to become more commonly recognised form in the art world.

The exhibition enjoyed a big turnout of visitors. During the opening, Silje Sigurdsen conducted an interview where we could talk about our work and our outlook on life.

“Family portrait” is a personal collection.

When the three free birds appear in the open landscape, a safe and friendly figure emerges. For us, this is family.

After many dark years, the light finally shines on the family. This collection is a tribute to the family. The strong and joyful colors, together with the naive strokes, enhance the feeling that life can also be uncomplicated and easy. At the same time, the carefully executed craftsmanship shows that it takes repeated practice, focused effort, and time to live life as one wishes.

You might be wondering what happens when the wingbeats go the other way.

Well, that's what it takes to fly.

Wool relief 60cm x 80cm

Every piece is one of a kind

Made in Norwegian wool (16mm to 45mm)

Made in Norway by Familien Kvistad

Available in our Shop

Photo: Ingeborg Løvlie