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Frame Magazine

The monochrome is not monotonous however, as Kvistad punctuates the space with natural material details such as raw clay plant pots, verdant greenery and lengths of unpainted wood in chair legs and table surfaces, as well as with occasional variations in tint and shade. The overall effect signals the Scandinavian heritage of the studio, updated with an unmistakably contemporary chic.

From "Kvistad uses colour to sculpt Bakken & Bæck HQ by spatial function"


“Well, as it transpires, office design had not been explored to the furthest recesses of the universe. Hats off to the Norwegian design studio Kvistad who have recently completed a major upgrade of Bakken & Bæck’s HQ in Oslo. They’ve decided that the new office interior should be modelled on that of a spaceship. And why not. After all, there’s nothing like a little fun and whimsy to make a day at the office pass a bit quicker.” 

From a feature on the B&B Oslo Office

DEAR Magazine

Kvistad combines textures skillfully, the office is a sovereign balancing act of cool and warm design elements: Velvety, but not too fluffy carpets contrast the factory floor atmosphere of the architecture.Wood brings extra warmth to the office without being obtrusive - sometimes as a tabletop here, sometimes as a lambskin screen or as table legs there.” 

"Spaceship with sauna: Office in Oslo" (German)

AD Germany

"Star Trek in Scandinavian? This office looks like a spaceship" (German)

Designed Space

I find the greatest contrast in the studio to be the dark blue. Featured heavily in a meeting room, a dark blue carpet crawls up the wall behind an easel to meet an equally blue ceiling. It creates a calming seriousness that fits the nature of a meeting room. Seeing the baby blue rooms behind the glass partitions gives you a visual representation between work and play—all with a simple color change.

Excerpt from "The Scandinavian Spaceship"

Sight Unseen

Great moments in color-blocking, brought to you by the Norwegian design studio Kvistad, who designed this interior for Bakken & Baeck, a digital studio in Oslo.

From Saturday Selects — May 28, 2018 

Brygg Magazine

A feature on Kvistad and the B&B Scandinavian Spacehip in Brygg Magazine