We're a family and design studio from Norway; Miriam and Ziemowit, as well as their spouses, the siblings Bjarne and Astrid. We're currently living in Hurdal, Norway with our four kids. 

Our design studio is located in an old classroom. Here we have a sewing area, atelier and workshop for creating and reviving furniture and objects. In the basement lies an empty pool turned into photo studio. 

Everyone in the Kvistad family has experience from different fields of design; interior, fashion, graphic and digital design, illustration, machine knitting and carpentry. Our goal is to amalgamate all these diciplines. We strive so that everything we make has useful functionality, good craftmanship and reflects timelessness.

Our projects are of different scopes, from art and product design to interiors for homes and companies.

Best hels,
Astrid, Bjarne, Miriam and Ziemowit