Scandinavian Spaceship by Kvistad Design Studio

Bakken & Bæck have been growing fast the last years, so naturally more office space were needed. Kvistad developed the interior concept "Scandinavian Spaceship"—a union of spaceage, futurism and scandinavian lines.

In this red room — The Sauna — All of the pillows and matrasses are designed and hand made by us.

"The entire office space is a soft blue. It’s not cold or clinical, but warm and calm, much like the enthusiastic ‘hellos’ I receive from a few employees I’ve met before."
From Art of Work: a talk with Bakken & Bæck’s Tobias and Gunvor by Homerun

Many ideas are taken from space faring vessels: All floors, walls and ceiling are painted in the same color, to give a feeling that everything is molded in the same material.

"Pette" wall rug collection design and made for this project.

Some rooms have carpets on floors expanding to cover the walls, suitable for a zero-gravity environment.

We would like to thank Lasse Fløde (photo) and Tea Wolff (styling).